Here at the Corner Vet we strive to take your pet’s best interests at heart.  Our aim is to provide you and your pets with the consistently high standards of care and attention that you deserve.  Our aim is not to become a large practice that loses the personal touch, but rather to make you and your pets feel like part of the Corner Vet family.

Our specialities lie with both dog’s and cat’s although we can also perform basic avian procedures such as wing, beak and nail clips as well as rabbit neuters.

Diagnostic tools available at our practice include a digital x-ray machine, ultrasound machine, dental equipment, blood machine to perform basic blood tests and a fully equipped surgery.

Not able to get your Irish Wolfhound into the car to come to us?  Have 10 dogs that are a mission to bring for their annual vaccinations?  Not to worry.  Contact us and we will organise to do a house call, and, if needs be, transport your pet back to our clinic for further treatment.

Whilst initially very bare and basic, we are striving to improve our front shop to include the latest toys and accessories for your pets.  Our food shop includes all the top veterinary brands and don’t worry if we don’t have the exact food you want, we can always order and have it for you by the following day.  If the heavy Bryanston Drive morning and afternoon traffic is getting you down, just ask us and we will arrange to bring your pet’s food to your front door (free of charge if you live within a 5km radius)!  We also have access to the new E-pet Store for online orders and deliveries of many pet foods, toys and accessories.  Go to www.epetstore.com and enter the code CVC2 and you are ready to roll.

Dr Jessica Lane (BVSc)
Vet and
Practice Owner
Dr Andrew Henning (BVSc)
Vet and
Practice Owner
Our Kennel Hands
Elick Phiri
Overseer Phiri


5% - 10% off ALL FOODS
     ALL THE TIME !!
All our foods are permanently discounted by 5 %, a full 10 % discount is reserved for our active clients (meaning we have seen a pet within a period of 1 year for a consultation or wellness exam/vaccination)

COVID Protocols


In an effort to protect yourselves and our staff we are limiting entrance to our reception area/clinic to ONE client at a time. 

- Please wear your mask 

- Please disinfect your hands at reception

Please inform receptionist (either telephonically or through reception gate) that you are here, and wait in your car with your pet. A staff member will come and collect your pet from the car and chat to you there. 

Only in special circumstances will you be allowed to accompany your pet into the clinic. 

** Appointments are appreciated to help us keep social distancing protocols by limiting clients at the clinic. 

Food or accessory shopping

We are working with skeleton staff - please be patient

Only one client will be allowed in reception at a time - please wait your turn outside, keeping to 2 m social distancing. 

We are still delivering food, however House Calls have been suspended until further notice



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CALL US:  011 706 2184 

063 149 4716 

251 Bryanston Drive,

Bryanston 2021

Corner of Bryanston and Mount Street

Entrance on Mount Street.


7:30 am - 6pm

Monday to Friday

8am - 12 pm


We work on an appointment basis as we find that this decreases the stress of the animals in the waiting room as well as helping our vets and our clients with their time management.

We understand that appointments are not always possible so we will make a plan to see any walk in's and emergencies will always take preference.



Wellness exam and vaccination

Click here for detail


Nose to Tail Exam

R445 (Consultation)

R249 (Follow up) 






FREE within a 5km radius


Within a 5km radius

- Tick/Flea
- Deworming
- Medicated Bathes


1 – Full Health Assessment

2 – Urine Tests

3 – Fecal Tests

4 – Blood tests

Permanent 10 % discount

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Download forms: Dog ; Cat


Please make an appointment for a free 'dental exam' in order to determine whether a dental is necessary for your pet and to allow us to quote you accurately


We perform most soft tissue surgeries and we have access to a surgeon who can do certain orthopaedic surgeries here at our practice.

Click here for routine surgery prices


We do not offer 24 hour monitoring, however we are equipped for emergency first aid and stabilisation


Held on Saturday Mornings

Arranged privately through 'Smart Puppy'


Strictly for clients with pets who need to be medicated daily. They would 'board' in the hospital.


Anal Gland Expression


Adult Cats
Annual (3in1 and Rabies): R669
Annual and Snuffles: R876
Annual and Leukemia: R1000
Annual + Leuk+ Snuffles: R1210
Snuffles only: R539
Leukemia only: R799
First (3 in1): R648
First + Leukemia: R982
Second (3in1 and rabies): R669
Second + Leukemia: R1003
Rabies booster: R287
Adult Dog
Annual (5in1 and Rabies): R663
Annual + Kennel cough: R860
Kennel cough only: R266
Rabies Only: R287
Puppy Vaccinations
1st (5 in1): R642
2nd (5 in1): R642
3rd (5in1 and rabies): R663
Rabies booster: R287
* 3in1: Calici Virus, Panleukopaenia Virus, Rhinotracheitis Virus
*5in1: Distemper,Hepatits,Parvo-virus, Para-influenza virus 1&2
WHY VACCINATE ?? read more
Spay (Female)
Cats: R1635
Small Breed Dog: R2317
Medium Breed Dog:R2453
Large Breed Dog:R2589
Giant Breed Dog:R2793
Castration (Male)
Cats: R1008
Small Breed Dog: R1635
Medium Breed Dog:R1772
Large Breed Dog: R1908
Giant Breed Dog: R2044
Rabbit: R1090
* Surgeries include: a pre surgical exam, pre and post surgery pain medication as well as dispensed pain medication, high quality suture material, surgical expertise, sterile environment and wound care, post surgical check up and suture removal

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